Building your network is a career long exercise. Successful sales people need to put in the necessary time to network effectively. It is a continuous and rewarding effort over many years. Many sales people spend the time to build a great relationship with the client. However once the sale or project is complete they move on to the next client and don’t keep the door open with their current clients. Make the commitment to stay in touch with previous clients. They can be a great resource for you when it comes to future business opportunities.

Here is the best test to know your network is working for you:

  • When does your phone ring or when are you getting e-mails from clients?
  • Are you viewed as the problem solver in your industry?
  • Do people call you when they have an issue and just want to run something by you?
  • This is happens when you have a worthy network that sees the value that you offer in your field of expertise.

Over time you will find that your network is equivalent to your net worth.


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