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7 Sales Strategies To Transform CRM Management

If all of the traffic lights in the world were green at the same time, imagine the mess it would create.  Ultimately, there must be some sort of order, a balance of stop, go, fast and slow.  When trying to get somewhere, the last thing you want is a red light, but it is this very thing that brings order from chaos and ultimately brings you safely to your destination. Top-notch salespeople are often a difficult bunch of people to manage; elite sales professionals can pose especially difficult challenges for their respective sales managers.  Top performers often are the ones that are moving the fastest, require little in the way of motivation and tend to neglect some of the necessary ...

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How To Get Referrals From Existing Customers

Step 1: Make a courtesy call to existing customers to check in and see if they are satisfied with the purchase. Step 2: Ask your customer if they are satisfied enough with your product, or service to the point that they would recommend it to others. Step 3: If your customer is willing to recommend you, then place your customer in your business by asking them who, or what company they would call first to discuss the purchase of your product. Step 4: When your customer thinks of a name of someone, or a company, gently ask your prospect why they chose the person, or the company they mentioned. (Get some background to help structure the follow up call you ...

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by Hal Alpiar To figure out whether or not time is managing YOU, draw a bullseye with two rings around it and label the center space: FAMILY & PERSONAL, then label the innermost ring space: WORK & BUSINESS, and then label the outer ring space: FRIENDS & OTHER ACTIVITIES. Then copy each heading onto a separate column or separate piece of paper. Then list the most appropriate items/people/places/things in each category. Allow one minute per list. Put the list down and walk away. Get some water or a cookie or just stare out the window. (This is like a little ginger between sushi pieces.) Then return to your target and lists. The amount of blur between your bullseye and your ...

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The Selfish Bastard

Here is a reprint from a recent post in one of my LinkedIn Groups by Kavin Williams National Sales Director at MCF. “The reason why sales professionals, in your organization, continue to struggle with uncovering opportunities, and closing business, is because they are either unaware of The Selfish Bastard Rule or are unable to adhere to it. The same is true for the majority of chief sales executives, whose sales strategies are driven by nothing more than a wild guess; and sales managers, who offer nothing to their sales teams except a watchful eye over their shoulder. The Selfish Bastard Rule has two parts: (1) Buyers prefer to buy outcomes, not solutions, offerings, or commodities; and (2) Decision-Makers, when possible, ...

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What would you do to insure certain success?

What would you do if you knew doing it would prevent failure? No matter what your role in your company, persuasion is the only thing that you will get paid for. Some say that “everyone sells”. Selling = persuasion does it not? The new car you tell your friend about as fast, fast, fast. The golf club that goes far, far, far. The sales discipline that helps you get more appointments, get more appointments, get more appointments. What often gets lost in these “success stories” is the time and preparation that was necessary in the first place. Think about a time when you had to make an important presentation, prepare for an interview, go before the Board. You were most ...

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