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Closing That Sale Using Your Financial Expertise—Part Three

If you’d like to skip right to our free ROI calculator, click here. Thank you for following this three part series on Pencil Selling and ROI Selling.  To show our appreciation for your interest I would like to make you a great offer.  For the next 30 Days iSalesman will make available to you both The Financial Selling On-Line Training Course and the iSalesman ROI Calculator under a Special Offer.  All you have to do is pay a $10 Fee via PayPal for the Financial Selling Course and provide your contact information!  If this helps you close a $50K deal what’s the ROI? (Answer: 900%, Benefit-Cost/Cost) The biggest barrier to engaging in an ROI discussion with a client is your confidence ...

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“Let Me Show you the ROI”

As a follow up on to my Blog last week,  What? I can’t take you to lunch? I promised to provide you with iSalesman’s answer to the question regarding “what selling skill do you need to develop now that your client’s Code-of Conduct Policies inhibit the types of Relationship Building events you can invite a client to (or what they can accept)”. This selling skill has been around for ages.  Ever since you went to sales training you heard and learned how to cost justify your product to your client. But how many times did you really use it?  Like learning High School French if you don’t use it, you lose it. I’m Scared!  Can’t I just stay in my Comfort ...

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Explaining The Sales Cycle

Many companies are less than forthright when discussing the length and makeup of their sales cycle with current and prospective salespeople. They fear that if their salespeople clearly understand just how long it will take before the first commission check hits their bank account – and how many hurdles will have to be jumped along the way –  the team will beat a hasty exit while the getting is good. This approach is a mistake. Explain the Sales Cycle. As I described in my article on Recruiting Top Producing Salespeople, and will explain in detail in my upcoming article on Corporate Transparency, my belief is that in all aspects of running a sales team, honesty is the best policy. Better ...

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Recruiting Top Producing Salespeople

Good help is hard to find. Never is that phrase more true – or important – than when it comes to finding, developing and keeping good salespeople. Sales team member development will be covered in my articles on training. Retaining good salespeople is generally a question of properly setting and managing expectations which will be primarily covered in my articles on company ethics and compensation plan structuring. In this article I’m going to describe the steps required to find productive salespeople in the first place. In many ways it’s like a sales funnel, you start with a large pool of targeted prospects and winnow them down until you find your needle in a haystack. =========================== =========================== This system involves nine ...

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Zen Selling

We’ve all known salespeople who seem to be the the marketing equivalent of “The Natural.” They know everything; about their offering, their clients, their prospects and their competition. They’re prepared for and calmly overcome every objection. They never get flustered or seem desperate, never take “no” for an answer. When they are faced with unavoidable rejection, they take it in stride, knowing that each “no” takes them one step closer to their next “yes.” They consistently lead the team in production, win all the contests, make the most money and enjoy their eternal position at the top of the leader board. These people have achieved a state of mind I call Zen Selling, an almost unconscious level of sales skill.

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The World's Greatest Sales Team?

This site was born out of frustration. Like most salespeople, over the years I’ve been frustrated with different aspects of every organization I’ve been associated with. Whether as an employee, independent contractor or consultant, it seems that invariably I find multiple, critical aspects of the sales process either ignored or poorly handled by the companies I work with. Some of these shortcomings are common at almost every organization. Things like inconsistent or non-existent follow-up and lack of communication between the sales, marketing, production and customer service departments seem to be the order of the day no matter where you go. Other factors are present in some companies while absent in others. And it often seems that sales organizations that are ...

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