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The 40 Best Sales Techniques Ever w/ Jonathan Jewett

It’s a pleasure to connect with all of my sales colleagues though the new iSalesman website. By way of introduction, I’ve been selling enterprise software to large companies for more than 20 years. I’ve always been a professional salesman, and like to think I’ve learned a few things along the way. To this end, I’ll be a regular contributor moving forward to the iSalesman blog. All of the successful salespeople I’ve known develop a sales playbook to guide them on their mission. These playbooks rarely contain amazing new secrets to sales success, but rather proven techniques that can be used time and time again to drive results. When you achieve proficiency with these techniques and apply them to your deals, ...

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Help! I Can’t Close Sales: 5 Ideas to Increase Your Close Ratio

Recently I got an email from Ahmed that said, “Do you have anything on how to close sales? Getting into an account isn’t a problem for me. But I get stuck after submitting a proposal. “By this time, I’ve already sent them all our marketing materials and given them a demo. They seem interested. Then, after they get my proposal, nothing. What am I missing?” I can’t tell you how many times salespeople have asked me to help them get better at closing. However, despite what you think, it’s not the real problem. Your inability to close is a symptom. What it really means is that your prospect does not think it’s worth making a change right now. In short, it’s nice ...

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The President’s Club: What’s the Big Deal?

All sales professionals aspire to earn the prestigious “President’s Club”.  This is the ultimate sales achievement award that is also sometimes referred to as “The 100% Club”, “The Winner’s Circle”, “The Chairman’s Inner Circle”, etc.  From the moment you graduate from sales training and are assigned your sales territory you hear about this great award and work your sales plan around getting there.  In addition to the recognition amongst your peers and your company’s executives there are usually lavish trips associated with it.  During these trips you also have the opportunity to be seen by most of your senior executives.  It’s an opportunity to socialize with them in an exciting environment.  Many career advancements can be attributed to making yourself ...

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Closing That Sale Using Your Financial Expertise—Part Three

If you’d like to skip right to our free ROI calculator, click here. Thank you for following this three part series on Pencil Selling and ROI Selling.  To show our appreciation for your interest I would like to make you a great offer.  For the next 30 Days iSalesman will make available to you both The Financial Selling On-Line Training Course and the iSalesman ROI Calculator under a Special Offer.  All you have to do is pay a $10 Fee via PayPal for the Financial Selling Course and provide your contact information!  If this helps you close a $50K deal what’s the ROI? (Answer: 900%, Benefit-Cost/Cost) The biggest barrier to engaging in an ROI discussion with a client is your confidence ...

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“Let Me Show you the ROI”

As a follow up on to my Blog last week,  What? I can’t take you to lunch? I promised to provide you with iSalesman’s answer to the question regarding “what selling skill do you need to develop now that your client’s Code-of Conduct Policies inhibit the types of Relationship Building events you can invite a client to (or what they can accept)”. This selling skill has been around for ages.  Ever since you went to sales training you heard and learned how to cost justify your product to your client. But how many times did you really use it?  Like learning High School French if you don’t use it, you lose it. I’m Scared!  Can’t I just stay in my Comfort ...

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What? I can’t take you to lunch?

Back in December 2011 I wrote a Blog titled “Ethical Selling = Effective Selling”. While working with an Ethics & Compliance company I learned of all the many rules and regulations impacting the sales profession. In this blog, as well as in my e-Book “Ethical Selling”, I identify all the laws and regulations that are important for a sales person to learn about and understand. In my role as Head of iSalesman I get to speak with sales people every day. As a part of our sales consulting activity I usually ask the salesperson how they are developing their other selling techniques in order to compensate for their client’s Code of Conduct restrictions. This question then causes the sales person ...

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