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Freeing Salespeople from the Burden of Marketing

Too often, I see companies placing the burden of Marketing on the shoulders of their salespeople, obscuring their true function and diminishing their effectiveness. In The World’s Greatest Sales Team, I imagine a firm which gives salespeople every opportunity to succeed by relieving that burden, allowing their salespeople to do what they do best; sell. What is the difference between Marketing and Sales? How does separating the two result in an empowered sales team? And what can you do to ensure that your Marketing efforts are effective and your Marketing budget is well-spent in supporting your sales team? In this article we’ll examine: The Role of Marketing in Your Firm The Difference Between Marketing and Sales Why Separating Marketing and ...

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Supercharge Your Sales with Laser-Sharp Target Marketing

Looking for that “one thing” you can do that will supercharge your sales and make your salespeople incredibly happy and productive? Try this: Focus all your marketing energy and resources on one or more specific target markets. Believe me, it’s critical to your sales success. But how do you do that? How do you decide what markets to target and how to target them? Won’t you be leaving money on the table by ignoring other revenue sources? And what the hell does all this have to do with building The World’s Greatest Sales Team? Read on… Too many companies take a shotgun approach to both their marketing and production, willing to be all things to all people and perform any ...

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The World's Greatest Sales Team?

This site was born out of frustration. Like most salespeople, over the years I’ve been frustrated with different aspects of every organization I’ve been associated with. Whether as an employee, independent contractor or consultant, it seems that invariably I find multiple, critical aspects of the sales process either ignored or poorly handled by the companies I work with. Some of these shortcomings are common at almost every organization. Things like inconsistent or non-existent follow-up and lack of communication between the sales, marketing, production and customer service departments seem to be the order of the day no matter where you go. Other factors are present in some companies while absent in others. And it often seems that sales organizations that are ...

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