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The 40 Best Sales Techniques Ever w/ Jonathan Jewett

It’s a pleasure to connect with all of my sales colleagues though the new iSalesman website. By way of introduction, I’ve been selling enterprise software to large companies for more than 20 years. I’ve always been a professional salesman, and like to think I’ve learned a few things along the way. To this end, I’ll be a regular contributor moving forward to the iSalesman blog. All of the successful salespeople I’ve known develop a sales playbook to guide them on their mission. These playbooks rarely contain amazing new secrets to sales success, but rather proven techniques that can be used time and time again to drive results. When you achieve proficiency with these techniques and apply them to your deals, ...

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Use Owler: Win Business

My company, provides a very unique Lead to Sales Service. We deploy sophisticated technologies to derive sales leads for our clients and our legion of B2B Sales Agents. As we see advancements in technologies related to identifying and communicating with new Prospects for our client’s, we are amazed by these technologies’ impact on increasing sales performance. Whereas it’s always interesting to focus on the science of selling, we know you still need to keep a lens on the art of selling and the hard work and perseverance it takes to close a sale. A while back my friend Jim Fowler announced he was starting Owler. Other than rhyming with his name, I wanted to know why and what Owler does. I ...

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The First ROI Calculator—Part Two

If you’d like to skip right to our free ROI calculator, click here. First off let me apologize.  I promised I would write the second part of the ROI Calculator Blog series the week after the first one (two weeks ago) but the Holiday spirit overwhelmed me.  I am now back in the iSalesman saddle and ready to have a great 2015…..Happy New Year! In Part 1- Pencil Selling, I talked about my experience as an IBM Sales Rep and learning about and using Financial Selling skills with clients.  The challenge was mainly about developing confidence to use this approach with a client, and when I did I became that much more successful as a sales person and a better provider ...

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The iSalesman ROI Calculator—Part One (Pencil Selling)

If you’d like to skip right to our free ROI calculator, click here. Back in the day when I was a junior sales representative for IBM we had to go through some rigorous sales training before we earned the right to call on a client.  This included 6 weeks at the Dallas, Texas Sales University and watching many 8 track sales tapes in the Cranford, NJ Office.  IBM wanted to make sure that before they sent a sales representative to see their client that the rep could represent the high standards required by IBM.  Needless to say this training was grueling but effective.  I can honestly say that I learned more about how to make a living in sales than my ...

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Calculating the True Cost of Marketing

Over a century ago, retailing pioneer John Wanamaker famously said “Half my advertising is wasted, I just don’t know which half.” The same challenge confronts most companies today. But what if you could know exactly which of your lead sources was producing what results and calculate your marketing and sales costs to the penny on every closed deal? That dream is a reality today, even in bricks-and-mortar companies like home improvement contractors. Every business owner knows they must invest in marketing but few know how or where to put their money. Even some companies with more evolved sales and marketing cultures often have difficulty tracking their ad dollars directly to specific sales. This is a shame because in our age ...

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Explaining The Sales Cycle

Many companies are less than forthright when discussing the length and makeup of their sales cycle with current and prospective salespeople. They fear that if their salespeople clearly understand just how long it will take before the first commission check hits their bank account – and how many hurdles will have to be jumped along the way –  the team will beat a hasty exit while the getting is good. This approach is a mistake. Explain the Sales Cycle. As I described in my article on Recruiting Top Producing Salespeople, and will explain in detail in my upcoming article on Corporate Transparency, my belief is that in all aspects of running a sales team, honesty is the best policy. Better ...

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Freeing Salespeople from the Burden of Marketing

Too often, I see companies placing the burden of Marketing on the shoulders of their salespeople, obscuring their true function and diminishing their effectiveness. In The World’s Greatest Sales Team, I imagine a firm which gives salespeople every opportunity to succeed by relieving that burden, allowing their salespeople to do what they do best; sell. What is the difference between Marketing and Sales? How does separating the two result in an empowered sales team? And what can you do to ensure that your Marketing efforts are effective and your Marketing budget is well-spent in supporting your sales team? In this article we’ll examine: The Role of Marketing in Your Firm The Difference Between Marketing and Sales Why Separating Marketing and ...

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