Who We Are

The business world is changing rapidly and you need to adapt with it.

iSalesman is about empowerment for sales professionals, business owners and employers. iSalesman is about you achieving results.

Why empowerment?

If you’re a sales professional you are now solely responsible for your own career. The business world is quickly heading to a “1099″ environment. You can no longer count on your employer to guarantee you a job and benefits. In fact that same employer can barely afford to provide you with adequate sales training, sales leads and other sales support requirements. It’s time you provide this on your own. Become your own business and take responsibility for making yourself the best sales professional you can be.

If you’re a business owner or employer it’s time you consider supplementing your sales force with a “Virtual Sales Force”. According to the US Labor Dept there are 15 Million sales professionals in the USA. This is a huge source of sales talent for you. iSalesman can help you build your own Virtual Salesforce with 1099 sales professionals. Use these sales professionals to make sales appointments, sell new products, open new territories, hunt for new clients, target your competitors and increase your sales results.

To support sales professionals, business owners and employers iSalesman provides a comprehensive set of support services including Sales training, Business Data and Leads, Data Cleansing, CRMs, Office Products, Legal Support and Specialty Selling Needs.

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