Lead to Sales

Our process includes inbound/outbound marketing, e-mail marketing, social media, search engine optimization and more!

Customer Acquisition

We assign your leads to iSalesman Certified Professional salespeople who take those leads and generate sales for you.

Internet Marketing

We can help you develop a web presence or take your existing site and turn it into a dynamic, lead generating machine.

Get Certified

Are you an ethical salesperson with experience in ROI Selling? Then you may have what it takes to be an iSalesman Certified Professional!

Our Services

Targeted solutions to help you generate and convert leads

  • For Clients
  • For Sales Professionals
  • Social Network for Sales People

How Are We Different?

Many companies today struggle with their Lead to Sales Process in order to find new clients.  As a result these companies find that the Expense to Revenue Ratio for winning new leads doesn’t pass the CFO muster.  Some companies abandon the search for new customers and end up investing in other company priorities thus jeopardizing future company growth.

Alternatively, most companies continue to “stay the course” and hope that one day they’ll figure out.

iSalesman does all of this for you!

Your Website on Auto-Pilot

First we take your website and turn it into a Lead Machine.  Today, most websites merely serve as store fronts or brochures on the web.  They do not take advantage of what your customers are saying on Social Media and what they’re searching for to buy.

iSalesman turns your website from a static illustration of what your company does into a dynamic, lead generating machine!

From Lead to Sales

So that’s the Lead part of the process.  iSalesman can now take that lead and assign it to an iSalesman Certified Professional Salesperson who can take that lead and turn it into a sale.  You only pay iSalesman when the sale is made. To learn more about the Sales part of the process, click here.

Your investment in the iSalesman Lead to Sales Process is VERY LOW and your ROI will be very high! Get in touch with us if you’d like to get started.

Are You an Ethical Sales Professional?

iSalesman is all about helping Sales Professionals find opportunities to make money. Clients come to us every day looking for great sales people to sell their products to other businesses. These companies are looking for both Full-time sales professionals as well as Part-time or Sales Agents paid on Commission only. Sometimes, just with one sale, a Sales Agent can make a lot of money.

What we guarantee these Clients is that we make sure that the sales candidates are “iSalesman Certified”. Candidates for iSalesman client sales positions must be proficient in Financial Selling (aka ROI Selling), are Ethical and have demonstrated Sales Success.

Here’s how you receive consideration for iSalesman sales positions:

  1. Register as an iSalesman Member and tour the website.
  2. Go to the “Professional Profile” section and register yourself.  Here you will be asked to download your Resume, link to your LinkedIn Profile and record a brief YouTube Video of yourself.
  3. Download the “Ethical Selling” e-Book, read it and acknowledge that you have read it.
  4. Go to the Financial Selling on-line training course.  This will cost you $149 via PayPal or Credit Card.  This will take you about 2 hours to complete.  You will take a brief test at the end to test your comprehension.  You will receive a Course Certification at the end if you score 80% or better.  At the end of this course you will have developed a selling skill that very few sales people have.

Congratulations! Upon completion, you will become an iSalesman Certified Sales Professional.

View All Available Positions

A Social Network for Sales People

Sales people are a unique bunch. No company can survive without sales people. The best companies have great sales people and treat them with a high amount of respect. It is important then that we have a place where we can come to ask for sales advice, give sales advice, keep current on new technologies, apps, techniques, lead sources, etc.. Here are some examples of questions you can post to the sales crowd:

“Does anyone know the name of the decision maker for IT services at ABC Co.?” “Who offers a good course in Negotiation skills?” ‘Is XYZ Corp a good place to work?” “Where can I get good information about a company?” “Where is a good place to get leads?”

Here you will find sales relevant discussions, blogs, “Rate My Company” and other valuable learning tools.

Internet Marketing & Website Development

Be more than just another brochure on the web!

Website Design + Development

We build custom websites with a focus on ease of use and converting your visitors into paying customers.

Inbound Marketing

We’ll help you attract, convert, and close your online leads with the latest internet marketing techniques and tools.

Social Media Marketing

We promote your content across social media platforms to generate even more targeted leads.

Search Engine Optimization

A website is useless if nobody sees it. We can help you discover relevant keywords that drive highly targeted traffic.

Monthly Maintenance

Need routine updates to your website? We can do that too! From text edits, content uploading, to graphic design - our team has you covered.

Advanced Analytics + Reporting

From lead to sale, you’ll receive advanced metrics on just about every part of your new lead machine!

Clients & Partners

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